SCR Ratings

There are various ranks being specified by the unit manufacturers and they're easily obtainable in SCR manuals.The designer must utilize this information in order to pick a tool that has ratings that are adequate ratings that are specified should not be exceeded so that you can operate SCR reliably. Many of the ratings which are important been talked about in this component.

Latching Current (IL): latching IL that is current the minimum anode present needed seriously to keep thyristor in ON state right after thyristor happens to be switch on additionally the gate signal had been eliminated

Maintaining Current (IH): minimal anode current below which device stop performing and go back to its declare that is down usually value is quite little in mA.

Forward Breakdown Voltage (VBO): If anode to cathode voltage VAK is enhance to value that is enough is big the opposite bias junction J2 breaks this really is referred to as Avalanche Breakdown and matching voltage is known as as ahead breakdown voltage VBO.

Reverse Breakdown Voltage (VBR): then just reverse saturation present (Is) flows before the reverse voltage reaches break up voltage reverse (VBR) if reverse voltage is increased During reverse blocking if Ig = 0. Only at that true point begins being current sharply. Large reverse voltage and generates which can be current that is exorbitant destroys the device.

dv/dt: dv/dt rating of thyristor indicates maximum price of increase of anode voltage that will not trigger the machine with no gate signal.

di/dt: di/dt rating of thyristor indicates maximum price of enhance of anode to cathode current.

Surge Current: It specifies the non that is utmost is allowable current the machine can withstand. The unit is thought become operating under rated voltage that is blocking ahead current and junction temperature before the surge current takes place. Carrying out a increase the product should be disconnected from truly the circuit and permitted to cool-down. Surge currents are believed become sine waves of power regularity with a level that's the minimum cycles. Manufacturers provide at the very least three rise that is reviews which are different different durations.

For instance

IsM=3000A for ½ rounds

IsM=2100A for 3cycles

IsM=1800A for 5 rounds

Gate current to trigger (IGT): minimal value of the gate present below which turn that is reliable of this thyristor can not be fully guaranteed. Frequently specified at a provided break that is ahead voltage.

Gate voltage to trigger (VGT): minimal value associated with gate cathode ahead voltage below which turn that is dependable for the thyristor can not be assured. It is specified during the break that is voltage that is same IGT.

SCR TL-1006


200 v/us


40 mA


20 mA


15 mA


1.5 V


70 us

Surge Current

IsM=3000A for ½ cycles


0.2 V