Construction of SCR

Thyristors are often products that are three-terminal have four quantities of alternating material and p-type that is n-type. A rectifier that is silicon-controlled rectifier that is semiconductor-controlled can be a solid state current unit that is managing. The control terminal from the thyristor, called the gate (G) electrode, linked to an integrated and framework that is complex the right an element associated with the unit. One other two terminals, called the anode (A) and cathode (K), handle the big energy that is used conduct the major present through the thyristor. The cathode and anode terminals are linked in show using the load to which energy will be controlled. The Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) consists of four levels of semiconductors, which form NPNP or PNP structures. This has three junctions, labeled J1, J2, and J3 and three terminals. The anode terminal of a SCR is for this item that is p-Type of PNPN framework, and the cathode terminal is for this layer that is n-Type since the gate in regards to the Silicon Control Rectifier SCR is through the product that is p-Type towards the cathode.