Construction Power MOSFET

MOSFET Stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

Types of MOSFET

1) Depletion Types MOSFET

2) Enhancement Types of MOSFET

3) Power MOSFET

The energy MOS industry effect transistor evolved from the MOS circuit technology that is incorporated. Inherently fast switching speed of these devices could be efficiently utilized to boost the regularity that is switching several hundred kHz.

MOSFET is managed by the voltage used on the control electrode (called gate) which can be insulated by way of a slim steel oxide layer from the semiconductor body that is bulk. The field that is electric by the gate voltage modulates the conductivity associated with semiconductor product in your community involving the main present carrying terminals called the Drain (D) additionally the Source (S). Energy MOSFETs, similar to their circuit that is integrated counterpart can be of two kinds (i) depletion type and (ii) enhancement kind. Both of these may be either n- channel p-channel or kind kind with respect to the nature for the bulk semiconductor. Figure shows the circuit symbol of these four types of MOSFETs with their drain ID that is current gate-source VGS faculties (transfer characteristics). As mentioned in the introduction part, Power MOSFET is really a device that developed from MOS Integrated circuit technology. Nevertheless it had been soon realized that bigger breakdown voltage and ratings which can be present be achieved by resorting up to a vertically oriented structure. An electric MOSFET VDMOS that is making use of technology vertically Oriented 3 layer structure of alternating p and n kind semiconductors as shown in Figure.