Zener diode regulator

Figure shows the circuit of the Zener diode regulator. Provided that input voltage Vin is more than zener voltage VZ , the Zener runs within the breakdown area and keeps voltage that is constant force. The show opposition that is restrictions which can be limiting input current.


The zener shall keep voltage that is constant the strain inspite of changes in load present or input voltage. The zener current decreases to ensure that present through resistance RS is constant whilst the load increases which are current. As production voltage = Vin – IRS, and I is constant, consequently, production voltage continues to be unchanged. The reverse will probably be true should the load decrease that is current. The circuit will even correct for the alterations in input voltages. If the input voltage Vin enhance, more current will flow through the zener, the voltage drop across RS will increase but load voltage would stay constant. The opposite shall be real in the event that input voltage decrease.


1) It has efficiency that is low load that is heavy. Given that in the event that load present is big, you will notice energy that is considerable into the show opposition that is limiting.

2) The production voltage somewhat changes due to zener impedance as Vout = VZ + IZ ZZ. Alterations in load produce that occurs in zener present. Consequently, the production voltage also changes. Consequently, the application of this circuit is fixed to simply applications which can be such variants in load present and input voltage are tiny.