Types of Voltage Regulators

A pc unit which will keep the output voltage of the charged power that is ordinary constant irrespective of load variations or alterations in input a.c. voltage is often a voltage regulator. A voltage regulator generally employs devices which are electronic make this happen goal. You shall find fundamental two kinds of voltage regulators.

1) series voltage regulator

2) shunt voltage regulator.

The series regulator is positioned in show using the load as shown in Figure. On the other hand,the shunt regulator is positioned in parallel with the strain as shown in Figure. Each type of regulator has an manufacturing voltage that is still constant regardless if the input voltage varies or the strain changes being current.

1. For low voltages.

For low d.c. output voltages (upto 50V), either Zener diode alone or Zener along with transistor can be utilized. Such supplies are called transistorized power materials. A transistor power can give just voltages which are low are stabilized the worth that is safe of is all about 50 V and when its increased above this value, the breakdown of the junction may occur.

2. For high voltages.

For voltages higher than 50 V, radiance pipelines are employed together with hoover tube amplifiers. Such materials are known as pipe power materials since they're extensively useful for the task that is suitable of valves. Zener Diode Voltage Regulator As discussed in chapter 6, whenever zener diode is operated in to the breakdown or zener area, the voltage across it's significantly constant for the alteration that is noticeable is large of through it. This feature permits that it is utilized as being a voltage regulator.