IC Voltage Regulators

We're able to furthermore make use of circuits integrated IC that'll be to create voltage regulators. One benefit of IC voltage regulators will be the fact that properties like thermal payment, brief circuit safety and increase protection is done towards the device. Most of the IC that is regulators that are popular three-terminal services. Figure shows the indication that is schematic a IC voltage regulator that is three-terminal.

There are basically four types of IC voltage regulators viz.

(i) Fixed positive voltage regulators

(ii) Fixed negative voltage regulators

(iii) Adjustable voltage regulators

(iv) Dual-tracking voltage regulators

The fixed good and IC that is fixed is negative regulators are created to provide certain manufacturing voltages. For instance, LM 309 (fixed excellent) supplies a + d.c that is 5V. production (provided that the regulator input voltages come in the specific ranges). The voltage that is adjustable is modified to offer any d.c. production voltage that are at its two limitations that are specified. For example, the LM 317 manufacturing are modified to virtually any value between its limitations of 1.2V and 32V d.c. Both good and regulators being negative are adjustable available. The regulator that is dual-tracking negative that is equal good manufacturing voltages. For example, the RC 4195 provides outputs of + 15V and – 15V d.c. Adjustable regulators that are dual-tracking also available.