Uncompensated Universal Motor

· Mostly in this type of motors we are using three types windings like Field Winding, armature winding and compensating winding.

· The construction of such motor is shown below:

· Field winding is which is stationary and will produce the flux however armature winding is rotary or we can say it can rotate.

· Working principle of this type of motor is same as that of DC Motors.

· The advantage of such type of motors is that it can be able to produce a high torque but its having an disadvantage as well like when increase in load will be there its speed will decrease so due to this their speed regulation is not very good.

· Such type of motors can be designed for two pole structure and its capacity is to low.

· Pole and pole shows are laminated to reduce the eddy current losses,

· Armature construction is same as that of the DC Motor

· The torque and speed characteristics of such type motors are differ from both AC and DC Motor characteristics.