Wound Rotor or slipring induction Motor

· Construction of such type of motor in which rotor winding is connected in star connection as we are making the normal three phase connection of a transformer. Fig show the motor Drum and shaft along withsliprings which are circular in shape and they will rotate in same speed as that of the rotor.

· Rotor Winding terminals are permanently connected to the sliprings

· The Brushes are continuously in contact with the sliprings

· Often we are an external resistance is required for the for rotor resistance and its connected externally however variable resistance to be connected in the rotor winding.

· The external which we had added that will produce the high starting Torque and it will be added with the help of brushes and sliprings.

· We can say, use can access the rotor with the help of sliprings and brushes.

Applications of Slipring Induction Motors:

1. Hoist

2. Lifts

3. Cranes

4. Elevators

  • Compressors