Squirrel cage Rotor induction motor:

· The construction of this type of rotor is very simple and whenever there is anrequirement for lower torque then such type of rotor will be beneficial.

· This consist of a drum having number of circular holes which are in parallel with the shaft.

· We are going to place metals like Copper or aluminium bars in the holesand those bars are welded to the end rings to establish the electrical contact with them.

· We can see in diagram that end ring is shown with the faint dotted lines

· The reason behind the name Squirrel cage rotor is that the end rings and the Bars look like an cage it is named as an squirrel cage rotor.

· Rotor assembly will not be accessible to user due to short circuit of the bars.

· There is no any external connections to be added as that of sliprings type of rotor like external resistance.

Applications of Squirrel cage Motors:

1. Fans and blowers

2. Grinders

3. Water pumps

4. Drilling machines

5. Lathe machines

6. Printing Machines.