Losses in Induction Motor:

  • Losses in Induction motor can be classified below:

A. Constant losses:

· These losses are not dependant on loading condition so the name constant losses further these having two types:

a) Core losses:

· We can call this losses as an iron losses and they consist of the stator core and rotor Core losses

· These are also consisting of a Eddy current losses and Hysteresis Losses and we neglect or reduce the hysteresis losses by slecting high permeability material for Core used.

· And Eddy current losses can be reduced with the help of laminated cores instead of solid ones.

a) Mechanical Losses.

· Mechanical losses occur due to winding and the friction in the induction motor

B. Variable Losses:

· These type of loss include stator Copper loss and rotor Copper loss

· These are in directly proportional to the square of the stator Current and rotor Current

· A stator and rotor current dependant on the load so the copper loss varies with change in load and hence we are calling these type of losses as variable losses.