Applications of a 3-phase square wave inverter:

(i) A low cost solid-state frequency changer circuit: This circuit converts the 3-phase ac (input) voltages of one frequency to 3-phase ac (output) voltages of the desired frequency. The input ac is first converted into dc and then converted back to ac of new frequency. The square wave inverter discussed in this lesson may be used for dc to ac conversion. Such a circuit may, for example, convert 3-phase ac voltages of 50 Hz to 3-phase ac voltages of 60 Hz. The input to this circuit could as well have come from a single-phase supply, in which case the single-phase ac is first converted into dc and then converted back to 3-phase ac of the desired frequency.

(ii) An uninterrupted power supply circuit: Uninterrupted power supply circuits are used to provide uninterrupted power to some critical load. Here a critical load requiring 3-phase ac supply of fixed magnitude and frequency has been considered. In case ac mains supply fails, the 3-phase load may be electronically switched, within few milliseconds, to the output of the 3-phase square wave inverter. Input dc supply of the inverter often comes from a battery bank.