Three Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier with 'R' load:

The half that is 3-phase converter combines three single phase half revolution handled rectifiers in one single circuit feeding a lot that is typical. The thyristor S1 in series with among the many supply phase windings 'a-n' functions as one half wave controlled rectifier. The thyristor that is 2nd in show using the supply stage winding 'b-n' will act as the half that is next managed rectifier. The thyristor that is 3rd in show using the supply duration functions being winding to the fact 3rd half wave managed rectifier.

1) When thyristor S2 is triggered at ωt=(5ϖ/6α), S1 becomes biased that is turns-off that is reverse. The load flows that exist the thyristor and through the supply duration winding 'b-n'. When S2 conducts the stage voltage vbnappears throughout the load ahead of the thyristor S3 is triggered.

2) The input that is 3-phase is used through the star connected supply transformer as shown within the figure. The common point that is neutral the supply is mounted on one end associated with the load although the other end of the load attached to the cathode point that is typical.

3) Once the thyristor S1 is triggered at ωt=(ϖ/6 α that is +=(30° α that is + , the stage voltage Van appears throughout the load whenever S1 conducts. The strain moves and this can be present the supply phase winding 'a-n' and through thyristor S1 as long as S1 conducts.

4) If the thyristor S3 is triggered at ωt=(3ϖ/2 α which are +=(270°+α) , S2 is reversed biased and turns-off that is hence s2. The time voltage Van appears over the load when conducts which are s3.

5) When S1 is triggered once again at the start of the input that is next the thyristor S3 turns down as it is reverse biased naturally as soon as S1 is triggered. The figure shows the input that is 3-phase voltages, the manufacturing voltage which appears through the entire load, therefore the load present presuming a consistent and ripple load that is free for a highly inductive load as well as the present through the thyristor T1.

6) For the strain that is solely resistive the load inductance 'L = 0' plus the trigger angle α >(ϖ/6), the stress current appears as discontinuous load present and every thyristor is obviously commutated whenever polarity regarding the phase that is matching voltage reverses. The regularity of output ripple frequency for the half that is converter that is 3-phase fs, where fs could be the input supply frequency.The 3-phase half revolution converter is not generally used in practical converter systems due to the downside that the supply current waveforms contain dc elements.