Single Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier with 'R' load:

1) The phase that is solitary rectifier that is managed conversion of solitary phase AC into DC. Generally this will be utilized in various applications such as for example battery charging, speed control of DC motors and end that is front side of (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and SMPS (Switched Mode Power provide).

2) All four products utilized are thyristors. The turn-on instants of the shooting influences those items signals that are offered. Turn-off occurs in the event that present through the product reaches zero which is reverse biased at the least for length equal to the turn-off period of the unit specified within the information sheet.

3) In good half cycle thyristors T1 & T2 are fired at an angle α . Hence starts that are current through load. The circuit that is shown that is comparable

4) When T1 & T2 conducts Vo=Vs

5) In negative half cycle of input voltage, SCR's T3 &T4 are triggered at an angle of (ϖ+α)

6) Here output current & supply current are in opposite direction

Performance Parameter of Single Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier:

Sr No

Performance Parameter



Average DC output voltage (VLdc)-


Average Load Current (ILdc)-


RMS output voltage (Vrms)-


Form Factor (FF)-


Ripple Factor (RF)-


Average SCR Current


Peak SCR Current


RMS SCR Current