AC-DC Power Converters

One of the primary and most trusted application of energy products which are electronic been in rectification. Rectification defines the process of transforming an ac voltage or source that is dc that is present and current. Rectifiers specifically relate solely to power electronic converters where the power that is electric through the ac side sideways that is dc.

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Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier with 'R' load:

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Primary of transformer is connected to ac mains supply with which SCR becomes forward bias in positive half cycle. T1 is triggered at an angle α, T1 conducts and voltage is applied across R. The load current i0 flows through 'R'. The waveforms for voltage & current are as shown above. As load is resistive, Output current is given as

Hence shape of output current is same as output voltage. As T1 conducts only in positive half cycle as it is reversed bias in negative cycle, the ripple frequency of output voltage is- fripple= 50 Hz (supply frequency). Average output voltage is given as

i.e Area under one cycle.


from α to ϖ& for rest of the period,

Above equation is the Power transferred to load. Thus, power & voltage can be controlled by firing angle.