What is Chopper?

1) A chopper is a unit that is fixed converts fixed dc input voltage to a adjustable production that is dc straight.

2) A chopper is just a semiconductor that is on/off that is high-speed. It links supply to load and disconnects the stress from supply at high-speed.

3) Also known as dc-to-dc converter.

4) Trusted for motor control.

5) Additionally found in regenerative braking.

Types of Chopper:

1) Step-up choppers.: In step up chopper output voltage is more than input voltage.

2) Step-down choppers.: In step down chopper output voltage is less than input voltage.

Basic Block Diagram of Chopper:

1) Basic principal behind the chopper is it converts Fix DC input voltage to DC output that is voltage that is adjustable.

2) Low power application: GTO, IGBT, energy BJT, Power MOSFET etc.

3) High energy application: Thyristor or SCR.

Applications of Chopper:

1) Choppers have been used for DC engine control (battery-supplied cars), solar technology conversion and wind energy transformation.

2) Choppers are used in electric automobiles, airplanes and spaceships, where DC that is materials which can be onboard-regulated needed.

3) in most cases, Chopper circuits are used as power materials in pcs, commercial products being electronic and instruments being electronic.

4) DC Motor Speed Control

5) Battery Chargers

6) DC Voltage Boosting

7) Battery Operated Electrical Cars