Class E Chopper [Four-quadrant Operation

1) Class E is really a chopper that is four quadrant

2) When CH1 and CH4 are triggered, output iO that is present in good way through CH1 and CH4, along side output voltage vO = V.

3) This gives the quadrant procedure that is first.

4) When both CH1 and CH4 are OFF, the vitality saved in the inductor L drives iO through D2 and D3 inside the direction that is same but output voltage vO = -V.

5) so the chopper operates within the quadrant that is fourth.

6) When CH2 and CH3 are triggered, any risk of strain iO that is present in other way & output voltage vO = -V.

7) Since both iO and vO are negative, the chopper runs in third quadrant.

8) When both CH2 and CH3 are OFF, the strain iO that is current to flow in identical direction D1 and D4 along with output voltage vO = V.

9) And so the chopper runs in 2nd quadrant as vO is great but iO is negative