Class C Chopper [Two-quadrant Operation]

1) Class C Chopper may be used as a step-up or step-down chopper

2) Class C Chopper is just a mixture of Class A and Class B Choppers.

3) For first quadrant operation, CH1 is ON or D2 conducts.

4) For 2nd quadrant operation, CH2 is ON or D1 conducts.

5) When CH1 is ON, the load up-to-date is good.

6) The production voltage is equal to ‘V’ & the load receives power from the source.

7) When CH1 is deterred, energy saved in inductance L forces current to flow through the diode D2 and the production voltage is zero.

8) Current continues to flow in positive direction.

9) When CH2 is triggered, the voltage E forces current to movement in opposite way through L and CH2 .

10) The production voltage is zero.

11) On turning OFF CH2 , the power stored into the inductance drives present through diode D1 plus the supply

12) Output voltage is V, the input current becomes negative and energy flows from load to source.

13) Average production voltage is good

14) Average output present can take both negative and positive values.

15) Choppers CH1 & CH2 should not simultaneously be turned ON as it would end in quick circuiting the supply.

16) Class C Chopper may be used both for dc engine control and braking that is regenerative of motor.